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The advantages of using a dictation program

This is my second post about dictation programs and this is because they absolutely changed my life so here I want to appoint all the way in which it changed my life.

These points are based on my personal experience so is highly possible that different people experience it in different ways.

It helps with spoken language

The program is far from perfect and of course, the better is your spoken language the better but I’m not native English so at some level the program does not give me its full potential but like with everything I believe there is a massive advantage.

In order to improve my experience, I have to improve my spoken skills at least until the point that the program will be so good that even a monkey could create the best selling novel of all times.

Words and names

Everybody knows that one of the most difficult parts of writing a novel is coming out with names for people and places so you can imagine my happiness when, while dictating “Coming faster” the result in the program is “Garrett Baker”

The number of profanities exceeds by far the number of saints but the good news is that I found one of the many names that are now part of the long list I sometimes use to pick up in the stories.

Typing speed

The number of words that you can type by dictating is literally the dream of every writer.

Of course, the text has to be massively edited but everything goes smoothly when the whole story is already there just waiting to be corrected for the best.


Imagine writing a book while you are walking or trekking or in bed.

The scenarios are uncountable but the final result is that you can write just holding your phone close to you.


You can’t imagine the quantity of time I procrastinate because the road ahead appeared so long that I just give up but when is all faster is easier to start getting the things done.

This was my short list of motives to use a dictation program to write a book in 2020.


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