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5 movies from the 80’s that everybody should watch

There are movies from my childhood that I loved and that shaped my life more than anything. I just recently went down memory lane and tried to find them all. Some of them are quite famous, others quite less. The only sure thing is that they are better than many movies that come out today.

They are movies that shaped my life, that touched incredible points in my childhood and most probably initiated me to science fiction as I love it today. For each movie I’ll give a vague plot just not to spoil the whole story and then people will decide werever to embark or not in this dive back in the 80’s.

There are many more to come but I am sure that five at the time is the best way to enjoy a few good movies. Plus, having to rewatch them all. It requires time and finding which one of them is worth this list is quite difficult.

Another point being, as per title, I think that these movies are suited for children as well. Maybe not too young but for a family day they are great.

So here we are with 5 movies from the 80’s every child should watch:

The flight of the navigator [1986]

© 20th century fox

An alien spaceship, commanded by an AI called Trimaxion arrives on Earth and bonds with David Freeman. The ship brings this boy in the future due to relativistic speeds they encounter and then David has to accomplish a journey back to the past.

The alien mission is quite different though. He is just a Noah’s arc who is traveling across the universe looking for species to study and keep safe and here, on Earth, is human time.

Exactly like in every other 80’s movie, aliens are nothing but incredibly funny animatronic aliens and this make the at the same time so scary but interesting to watch.

Like every space travel related movie of the time, there is the concept of aliens locked down in some Area 51 type base which is unwilling to give away technology and secrets, not even under duress.

I have never seen this movie as much advertised as other more famous ones but it is a very entertaining one. I absolutely loved it and watched it probably a million times.

Back to the future [1985]

© Universal pictures

I am pretty sure this movie doesn’t require any kind of introduction. Is arguably one of the best movies ever done and even if the second and third one are somehow good this stands as the absolute best of the trilogy and almost surely one of the best movies of its generation.

Is another time travel movie. Here a young boy called Martin McFly travels back in time with a time machine built by a mad scientist. During an incident on testing day Martin ends up in the past and he has to find a way to come Back to the future without messing up the timeline too much.

The neverending story [1984]

© Warner bros.

The neverending story is a fantasy movie that speaks about two worlds colliding, our own and the one decided in a book. It is a sort of fourth wall demolishing concept where the story unfolds under the very eyes of the protagonist Bastian who is reading the adventure of Atreyu, a child hero who is trying to save its world from nothing.

The movie is quite scary and it leaves some incredible emotional baggage in the years to come but it marks a generation, my generation and there is no reason why today’s kids shouldn’t live it.

They made two other movies after, two sequels, and they are crap. There is no other way to say it. They are horrible and they show us that the producers of those sequels didn’t even understand the concept of the first movie. They messed up the lore so much that it was quite painful to watch.

Howard the duck [1986]

© Universal pictures

Howard is a duck who lives in a duck world and it arrives on our own. It is a very comical adventure and among the cast there is a character played by a major Back to the future cast actor. Howard’s adventures in a world with different creatures but similar in nature is probably the best part of the whole story.

This is the very first Marvel movie ever put to screen and if they knew what future Marvel expected they would have probably transformed into a trilogy or something like that.

Luckily for us they didn’t but Howard the Duck appears in the MCU as an easter egg.

Short circuit [1986]

© 20th Century fox

This is probably the best and most comical movie in this whole list. Is the story of a robot who is nothing different from a child that gets lost in another city and has to find his way home. Is heartbreaking at some point and mostly comedical in nature.

The cuteness and human expressions attributed to Johnny 5 make it one of the best characters from the 80’s

Now. A robot who acts like a child is not really new, not even in the 80s but the movie does a great job in handling it.

In 2015 they made a movie called Chappy and this is, without watering it down, a kind of reboot. A similar story, with a similar setting, in a different country but it is nothing but a hard remake of the 1986 movie.

Those are the first five movies in the rooster. As I said earlier those are the best I can scavenge within memory lane. I haven’t seen every movie, there are a lot of cults I have never had neither the time nor the will to watch from start to finish. I think that watching movies that not many people know is way funnier and less stressful since people expect great things from cults. They expect people to watch them and love them unconditionally. But I don’t. I only watch the ones that I really like. So enjoy the movie and come back for the next five.


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