A small thought about fan theories and loved operas

There is a guy on youtube that did a bunch of fan theories and one of them is on how Albus Dumbledore could have created a Horcrux.

I’ll not speak about it. Instead, I want to move the attention to the reaction of J.K.R. That /Spoiler ahead/ wasn’t too happy about it.
She criticized a lot this guy, even if his explanation was absolutely incontrovertible. J.K.R. was pretty unhappy about it because this theory insulted, she said, the character.

I want to use this prelude for a more complex speech:
Is common in the art, to have people that built a relationship with a particular opera. They study the opera, the artist and everything could be related to it.

Furthermore, sometimes, they use to make theories about, and sometimes even threaten to death the author because they killed a loved character.

Yes, I’m speaking about you Sherlock Holmes fan and Spiderman fan.

With the raise internet, all of this simply exploded and allowed people to be connected and construct more complex theories and, in some cases, was so deeply rooted that almost became reality.

Just think about easy way whereby people make theories about singers and bands just looking at covers or lyrics.

Now! The fact is simple. If you became influent and, you create an opera able to fill the hearts of a massive quantity of people, you need to be ready to accept that people will make theories about.

They can be funny, dark, or any kind, but you can do nothing about, plus, if the fan theories are unbeatable, you can do absolutely nothing but stay there an see your opera destroyed. or improved, depending on how you relate with it.

And guys come on. Dumbledore is a lot of things but is not purely a good sided character.


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