A subtle and short guide on how to write good reviews

A few months ago, I read this short story from Antony Vicino called Extant but, in this place, I won’t speak about the short story itself, rather, I’ll speak about few words he wrote after it.

He asks for a review on his amazon page and then he said something on the line of today the reviews are the very currency on the internet.

This can be a thick sentence because Who on the world will pay food and rent with reviews?

Well! I can argue that this sentence is the personification of truth and the why is simple:

Reviews are the only way that drives every mentally sane customer into buying from a person over another.

Furthermore, a chain of positive or negative reviews can drastically drive an entrepreneur to the abyss or the sky, even if there is some gray area in this and soon I’ll explain.

Reviewing in the right way:

I am an avid Aliexpress buyer (and affiliate marketer as well) but, even so, there is a lot of amazing cheap stuff on it, there is a high disadvantage of the long waiting time.

But, beyond this, I always-ish been satisfied with the service.

Yeah! That ish is for that very lonely time when I wait far beyond the 20 days of regular waiting for the product.

After a month, I was concerned about my product and I wrote to the store.

Immediately they sent me a new one and surprisingly I didn’t even have to wait for my retirement, it just came after a few days (probably black magic, I don’t know)

But then, it came the time of the review: I had to wait long BUT the products arrived and, even after those happened I wasn’t disappointed about what happened, somebody had to be punished for the error.

But who?

I mean, the problem happened after the posting and before the delivery so clearly wasn’t fault of the seller so for them, 5 stars out of 5, the classic very good item commented in capital letters in the write a review section and I sent emoji handshaking to the seller.

For that, in my opinion, the problem was solved.

The power of bad reviews:

I got the idea about this post while watching a Gordon Ramsay episode of Kitchen nightmare.

Gordon surrounded to the owners because they were so egocentrics to be unable to admit their food and service was crap.

But that was an extremely bad advertisement for the restaurant… But was it?

I should say that wasn’t so bad because a lot of people went there after the episode just in order to see with their own eyes how disturbing was the service.

So this is the bad moral of this post: There is no such thing as a good or bad review, only good or bad reviewer.


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