About me and the blog

—About me—

Hello folks! My name is Luca
I’m an Italian guy Scotland based who likes to write about everything it passes in his mind.

I was born in Torino, a city under the Alps then, after few years in London, I moved to Scotland where I find the place where I’m gonna live the next years waiting to find some new exciting destination (If I’ll find one).

Occasionally I spend my free time traveling around, depending on how much time I’ve got available but I do have a wide range of interests. I like football (of course you are a man),
I’m a decent photographer and an Amazon addicted (never try this kind of drugs guys, seriously), and a Netflix binge-watcher.

If you want to see some of my pictures, you can follow my related Facebook page.

Now! You’ll surely be thinking something like: At least in the night, this guy stops to screw around. Well! No! Because my hobbies run around 24/7 because in the night I try to walk in dreams with not much luck at the moment but I’m working on it.

—About the blog—

I don’t fancy this gigantic bunch of bloggers around the world that send their blogs into closed niches. In my concept fo blogging, I write on everything I like, covering any niche I want to cover. I think we can assume that my niche is myself.

Even because is pretty bad if some idea will be kept out only because your blog can’t get it.


I’m not native so I hope you will forgive some small error. I hope you will see the idea behind a post.

Sustain my blog:

If you want to sustain my blog you have a bunch of choices:
You can buy through affiliate marketing links where present
If you plan to open a blog you can use my Siteground affiliate link for buying the domain.
If you like pictures, you can buy mine. You can find them in the photo portfolio page.

The importance of posts:

There are obviously posts that are different than others.

One of these is the one related to the backpacker’s laws that, as I’d like, could be completed from my followers.

Everyone will have a chance to fill it up.


As I wrote in the related post, the ideas are the base of every good product.

Personally, I have a lot of them. It is easy how your mind works while got inputs.

They are all written down, some are just titles, some just notes but time by time, post by post, story by story, they became real and solid.

They are the main reason why this blog doesn’t have a proper niche. All of them deserve to be shared, all of them.

And now a bunch of sevens in casual order:
7 movies:
The Martian
– White Fang
– The walk
– Star Trek the motion picture
– Avengers – Infinity war
– Enter the void
– The wandering Earth

7 books:
– The penguin lessons
– The northern light
– The Hobbit
– 2001 – A space odyssey
– An absolute remarkable thing
– Maus [Graphic novel]
– Angels and demons

7 animation movies:
– The emperor’s new groove
– Wall-e
– Up
– Ratatouille
– Inside out
– The land before time
– The Aristocats

7 Characters:
– Wolverine
– Spock
– Iron man
– Lyra Belacqua
– Sherlock Holmes
– Jack Sparrow
– Tyrion Lannister

7 Villains:
– T-Bag
– Thanos
– Davi Jones
– Eobard Thawne
– Khan Nooein Singh
– Hans Landa colonel
– Time (A day I’ll explain)