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What I learned by passing my driving test at 33.

Taking the driving licence is only the last step in a long learning courve that can change your life. This is my experience. Continue reading

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The power of an external force

Do you know why in every sci-fi space wide big story people from Earth are always able to change the fate of entire planets? When left unchecked (like in multi seasonal tv shows) this ability that humans have to be … Continue reading

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Holly – A story of youth and independence

I am in need of writing this post because since I read the book a couple of days ago, I am drowning in this tide of emotions that is barely letting my brain concentrate on other topics. I am writing … Continue reading

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Unintelligent design

Can an intelligent design come from something unintelligent? In this mind exercise I try and answer this question. Continue reading

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Short story #4 – Passed away

This short story is just an idea of a higher thought I have about what the afterlife could mean without gods, prides and punishments. Just afterlife. Continue reading

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At the end of the story Thanos won…

The falcon and the winter soldier finally shows us what is the aftermath of Avengers endgame, it shows us that the homecoming of 3.5 billion people wasn’t the paradise depicted in the last Avengers movie but it had implications so deep that were difficult to be understood till now. Continue reading

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Hokkaido’s inferno – Empaty in videogames

Videogames are a form of art and they can give a ton of emotions, Hitman has a mission that literally killed me and I want to share the experience I had with all of you. Continue reading

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I am addicted to audiobooks

I love audiobooks, they are the future and the future is here. They are the perfect merge between a book and a movie and they allow you to optimize your time by listening to stories while doing other things. Continue reading

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The advantages of using a dictation program

Sometimes you need the right tool for the right job and writing a book is not dissimilar. Voicetyping is somehow the future of writing. Continue reading

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Seagulls: The winged menace that defeat insanity

what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or because we are just speaking about annoying birds we can say that not all the bad comes to hurt you. Continue reading

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