Bandersnatch – The power of choice in a small form of art

Last week, Netflix released the new episode of Black Mirror called Bandersnatch and damn if was amazing.

But before to address the big elephant in the room speaking about the interactivity of the room.

Let’s clarify why, in my opinion, this was one of the two best episodes alongside the first one (The one when the British prime minister had to f***k a pig)

I started to watch Black Mirror relatively late, everybody was speaking about it and the most common praise, was that every episode involved a particular part of technology to investigate on how this is deeply involved in our lives.

Well! In the first episode, the main protagonist was youtube alongside the concept that “what goes on the web stay in the web”.

This is common today and is actually a major problem in our lives today. Then from the second episode till now, we had a bunch of futuristic technology that was cool visually and conceptually speaking.

I enjoyed the episode “San Jupitero” but (and I repeat: this is a personal taste) neither of this episodes caught me how they should because is not something that I feel involved into. Not today at least.

Then arrived Bandersnatch that have a lot of reading keys but the major component is the manifestation of an higher power that control our lifes natural or supernatural this could be, someone call it the big brother, other call it God or Allah but this not the point because the main character is the guy that is basically a Sim that you drive but at once it start to understand that probably his choices are not his but is our.

I won’t explain the total resolution because honestly I wasn’t ready to follow every possible choice but is plenty of people which solved it so you can find it. But let’s speak about the choiches.

Honestly, there was a bit of chaos in those because when you was sent back to a choice the scenario before it was in some case different, in a couple of occasions there was people who wasn’t there the first time so this was bit confusing for me but then I got a theory about, just a small thought that I’ll explain at the end.

The madness of a guy who understands to be manipulated and pass from trying to fight it to surrender (in few of the possible endings) on the higher entity.

And when you understand that you can’t control everything, at that moment you reach your goal: 5/5 stars on your videogame ranting and the end of the game.

Furthermore, this is a show and you are an actor like in another not working ending.

Beyond the story of Bandersnatch (I don’t mean the episode, I mean… My explanation) let’s speak about the choices themselves the two most important choices are the right ones and the wrong ones (there is a 3rd kind that are the ones that simply create background but they don’t operate on the plot so much).

In many cases you have the duality between the right and the wrong one but in some points, they are simply useless or, and this is a treat, they are both wrong. Both of them will let the game finish and at that moment. #SPOILER FREE#

So! Which is the climax of the episode? Now it’s time for the thought I told you before. As said, the same choice didn’t coincide at all in both the sides so what if that wasn’t real choices but the realizations of differents timelines?

Captain obvious, you can say. Boolean algebra, two choices make differents universes. But not in this case. You need to allow me a #SPOILER#

At once Colin dies. After this event there is a choice. In one side of it, he is dead, in the other not.

So this mean that one of the two sides of the crossroads exist only if he is alive.

The side when he is alive exist only if you previously did a set of choices that allowed it (even if this didn’t exists in the episode).

So Yeah! The universe is created through not only a single choice but with more of them that build a road, the only road we use to take in the universe with the only difference that here we can’t come back but maybe someone else can.


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