Books vs eBooks – Choose your side

Books are an amazing form of art, I’m a writer myself, I know, but they are evolving with society.

We have who want to fight deforestation, who is romantically involved in traditions, we have the geeks and the fashion people who want to follow the tech of the moment.

For one reason or the other, we made crusades for defending our way to approach the literature.

Personally, I’m on the side of the progress and I see in the digital reading the future but… …read the post.

Let’s start to analyze the reasons for the choice:

Ok yes but… We want to speak about the perfume of the pages? [Yes I heard this! I’m not inventing]
My dear. Do you read for learning stuff and getting involves in stories… Or for find a chip way to sniff all the day?

Well, I caught the point… But think about can hold a material book in your hands!
Yes. I prefer the book sometime. Mostly for my favorites stuff, even because actually there is not a good system for e-reading (we gonna reach this point later in the post) and actually is a bit uncomfortable the way of digital reading but we are only at the begin and we can be sure that soon everything will be improved even because we can think in the way that is pretty easier to save in digital way works that in the time could be lost.

Ok, you almost convinced me… But the battery?
Really? This excuse is little and pointless…
Nowadays we can reach the electricity from every point of the civilized world.

Well, guys, this is the three main points of the conservative people.

As I told before, I’m for the progress and so let’s go for my points, the ones involved in an informatic choose:

Yes! Is boring! But this is in my point of view significant considerations for this choice.

Now you can retype: Yes Bro! Even you foul up if you buy a tablet…

You are fully right! I gonna pay for a technological instrument obtained through pollution and industrial processes… But there is way and way to approach this point.

We can take a tablet and keep that even after the new model release, we can buy a second-hand model or a lot of different options is this way we made an investment for the future.
Of course, if you change tour tech every time something new is coming…

Yesss. This is the main topic…

By the moment that a file cost six or seven times less than the book, everyone should be involved in this direction.

Simple simple… Would you think about having thousands and thousands of books in your hand respect stocking them on a shelf that you could full in other ways?

3 reasons for each bell, but now I’m gonna tell you my side that is… Both!

One doesn’t kill the other one, furthermore, there are lots of paper books around.

Personally, I like to have both the versions in some case.

However, I hope that the authors of the future will choose the digital way because you have to remember that the important part of a book is the words…


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