Christiania – The Freetown inside Copenhagen

During a trip to Copenhagen, I find myself in this strange place: Christiania.

In the heart of Copenhagen a Freetown called Christiania, also called a green light street is a nice local community of people who want to live in peace with each other and the government.

The flag of the Freetown

Like in every other community, if you want to move in, you have to be accepted and, of course, work for the community itself.

The place was born in 1971 when a group of homeless decided to turn the place they were sleeping in, in what they could call home.


Now it has almost 1000 people inside and all of them lives in harmony with each other.

Even if most people go there for the free smoke you can obtain, there are plenty of reasons why you should go there. Murals, Quite, A nice walk in nature and so on.

The street art is vibrant and amazing, pretty much every inch is covered in colors and murals.

Is for this that a lot of street artists pass from there and leave their signature.

There is even an astonishing quantity of cafes and a place where eat in a so small area.

Unfortunately, like every dream, there is a negative side. They are pretty much abusive but tolerated. Indeed, they have a lot, and I say a lot of building plots so is obvious that the government want to put their dirty hands on the place.

Fortunately, they resist and I’m pretty sure, the city won’t be close soon enough even because is a big part of the tourism in the city.

There is just a small set of rules to follow in what is considered a rule-free place…

1) Don’t take photos of people, they don’t like at all. This because, in the opposite of what you can think, cannabis is illegal but is unofficially tolerated so is always better to don’t put your pusher on Instagram

2) Don’t run, it can cause panic all over… That is a small town surrounded by walls, panic can be a thought enemy.

3) This is a violence-free place, no knives or guns are allowed.

So, if just follow them, you will have an amazing time over there.


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