Cinematic universes – How to approach

From a decade so far, the concept of cinematic universes has become a common system for making quick money with massive brands, before we had a bunch of never-ending stories with sequel and prequels, but since 2008 damn if things are changed.

The Incredible Hulk started a run that is still going… The MCU was born. (And honestly guys, I’m ok with this assumption but, everything is started with the 2003 Hulk. Don’t know why people don’t consider it while speaking about the whole opera).

Since the beginning, there was an army of indignant people, tried to attack in any way the MCU as merchandise… So! Let me run a crusade for defending the indefensible.

I’d like to attack the concept that MCU is only a commercial operation for selling more… Well

Actually, we know it, just let me explain why I think this isn’t the massive problem of the opera.

1) People think that should be better to make movies that start and ends.

What these people don’t understand, is that the cinematic universes are for definition universes.

This means that everything is preparatory for the sum of the whole opera.

Is absolutely normal that in a movie should be details that could be explained in the next movies, even if apparently they have no sense in the actual one.

For example, why didn’t Doctor Strange used the time stone during the battle?

Maybe he used it and we are going to discover it in the next movie.

Or why in the post-credit scene of Age of Ultron we found Thanos that wearing the infinity gauntlet said: I’ll do it for myself.

Even if that doesn’t have any sense in the plot of that movie? No! Ok. That makes no sense. I didn’t like as well.

The most important problem with cinematic universes is that every choice that you accomplish in a single movie is going to affect every other movie and for transposition the whole final draw.

But we should give to the Marvel the benefit of the doubt because even if the MCU is not perfect, this was the first attempt to bring such an experiment on the big screen.

If you think that the MCU is just a commercial operation well.

Yes! It is. Like Fantastic beast is, like the new Star Wars saga is, like every fan-based product.

2) MCU is a huge cine comic franchise.
Yes. It is.

But remember that the new Star Wars trilogy is based on a comic, movies like Sin City; Red; Wanted, are based on comics.

But in the common will, those are amazing movies but some bigger and more expensive product isn’t.

3) If you think that should be made from movies with an own end, ask yourself: When you watch a TV Show, do you expect that every single episode should finish a whole storyline? If so please, Stop watching Game of Thrones.

The cinematic universe concept is a great experiment and, if you know how to use it, could be amazing. Let’s improve it or just because we have already done, just hope someone could try something other.

In the other side. Just hope that nobody even could try to make something like the DCEU because it started bad and continued even worse.

I think that this failure is due to the hurry of overcoming the eternal rivals and is actually strange because differently from Marvel, DC holds all the rights of all their characters so they could do something even better from the very beginning but hey. Not. Just do a movie, let’s delete the most important scenes, and release an extended edition.

Instead, we could do like M. Night Shyamalan with Unbreakable, split and glass, in which the director did an amazing super-villain movie (Split).

And the greatness of this idea was based on the creation of a brand new set of characters, guys that we never met before in comics or books, because honestly this was one of the bigger problems of the MCU but even the DCEU or the Dark universe that was born and died immediately after the first movie, they are well-known character and so fans have high expectations about it.

So maybe this is the way to try to make a better trying. Starting with something, from scratch, and evolving it.

Now the last consideration. I’m creating a book. No! More than a book. A shared universe of stories and character.

In my mind, every chapter of this big, massive opera, have to start and stop at a precise time so I liked like the MCU released Ant-man and the wasp after Avengers – Infinity war and Captain Marvel before Avengers – Endgame.

Even if could be awesome to have the Ant-man and the wasp post credit scene before the snap with us wondering what the fuck was that, is better like this because that was the best possible way to handle the story.

This was how they want these chapters of the story to come out independently if you like or not.

So here we are and this my complaint about cinematic universes complaints. Hope you enjoyed


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