Death note – Beyond good & evil

Why is death note such a great opera?

Imagine to have the power of a god, and no! I’m not talking about killing people with a note.

That’s what superheroes have, but gods are beyond them.

What I mean, is to have the ability to move, on your own will, the separation mark between good and evil.

In many cases, the superhero of the time, understand this but if you do it while killing people.

That’s different, you are not a superhero, you are a criminal, not less than the man you kill.

Is Light Yagamy a villain?

Is full of operas that let you support the bad guys: La Casa de Papel, Prison break, any good heist movie, the Bible, infinity war, the guy who could shut down the DC extended universe… A lot.

But why do we support the villain?

Because first of all, we follow the story from his point of view so this, play a great and major point on it.

We see him/her grown is his plan, we know him better and better, every minute and then at the second point… We agree with his point of view.

In La Casa de Papel, we pass part of the show thinking on how great such a plan is.

The Professor is astonishing and episode after episode, we understand him in a deeper way and then.

When we understand what he is trying to accomplish at the end, damn.

Yeah! You will even help him if you had the chance.

In Infinity war, you know that if half of the people on Earth will go, it will be better than improve our behavior in relation to the environment.

However, only a villain could solve the situation that way, But you still agree with him.

In Death Note, the meaning is similar, at all.

A man who gets the chance to get the world a better place, but killing bad people.

Light is smart and, even if he is trying to stay in the shadow, he enjoys the deity that most people are creating around him.

Then arrives this good guy. L that is trying to catch him up. He wants to stop a criminal but if he succeeds, the world will not change… And the story will finish.

Now beyond this. Let’s go on the topic of the post.

Who is the real villain?

Light, choose arbitrarily what is good and what’s bad. And define it on his own will, but L does the same thing.

At the beginning he sacrifices a man for the great start of his plane, so who is the villain between them?

Through the end of the show, when the note became of public domain, most governments want it to make executions so why are them different from Light?

Who is the villain now? Is Light Yagamy a villain? Is he the real villain of the opera.

The superhero component:

Beyond this, death note it makes a good job of creating formidable characters with great minds.

This is increased by the novelized stupidity of everybody around them.

Is pretty much like Sherlock, the BBC show, when you feel the gigantic difference between a normal mind and a superhuman one.

Neither the gods are enough to keep head to the fight between L, N, and Kira.

Furthermore, even if the gods promise their neutrality, L is amazing enough to use them in order to fulfill is own mission even if, in the end, Ryuk maintain his promise and allow Light to ascend his world becoming the ultimate Shinigami.

This is an amazing exploit of how gods don’t really have power without people who believe in them.

A man with the courage of face and tame a god simply deserves to win his own battle.

I’m not into anime but I think that this worth watching, is a compelling story with amazing characters.


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