Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and the fantasy

The first concept of fantasy know:

Since J.R.R. Tolkien wrote his massive operas he created a closed box where fantasy floated for a long long time.

After him, every fantasy opera was involved in the same stuff: Dwarfs in the mountains, elves in the woods, a prophecy, a child hero with a kind companion and a mission that is sometimes so simple but he must go in the opposite part of the world passing through the whole world.

After this, arrives dungeons and dragons an all these games that simply encourage this box to stay closed.

But then arrived uncle George and aunt Joanne who thought:

Why we don’t break this box and we create an opera who bring from the fantasy only a partial component but we create something different.

So is arrived ASOIAF, a massive story that took components from the fantasy and from the real story.

GoT is a world created modifying somehow the UK map, with the Romans, the Hadrian ice wall and he left on the north this enemy that is a bit white and a bit blue.

A bit like the flag of Scotland. #ThenightkingofScotland.

And beyond this, even stories like Harry Potter have an amazing critics

So why did Harry Potter and GoT have this amazing success?

They are amazing stories but I guess that this is not the main reason.

I think that that we can see the answer in the way that J. K. Rowling and George R. R. Martins used to approach with the concept of fantasy.

George Martin was able to teach history in a goosebumps plot.

And after we met the bespectacled wizard in his amazing world made by friendship, love, and racism.

I guess that the HP value was to speak about a common topic but in a way that even children could follow.

Now I want even to speak about the other motivation of the success of HP (Premise that I like the opera but I’m not that such fan who read the books and watch the movies thousands of times).

Everything that J. Rowling passed in her life was terrible but she was able to turn all her emotions into something of amazing and this is something she deserves that we recognize.

Even do in both these operas, there are some elements about the classic fantasy but they are merged in an amazing way.

I don’t even tell that they are perfect because nothing is perfect but they were able to recreate a genre so I hope we could see soon something similar again.


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