La casa de papel – The perfect Spanish heist

I love heist movies. I think that this is my favorite genre after sci-fi and this show can be in the top 3 of my list after The bank job and the Ocean’s saga.

La casa de Papel, in fact, have a lot of blinks to big masterpieces such as the Tarantino reservoir dogs.

A bit about the plot:

A group of people passed five months organizing the perfect heist to the national Spanish mint facility where they have to do the most ambitious job of the history.

Every people have it’s own features and relationship but above all of them, the most spectacular is the professor, the mind behind the operation.

For years he organized this action and he thought about everything, even every possible response of police, hostages and public opinion.

But we know that not everything can go right.

Besides, not everything can go wrong so we have the main concept of chaos bring chaos.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) keeping the cold blood will always help you so in the end, everyone is happy.

Furthermore, the fact that there is a mixed group of explosive people, is enough for us to don’t know whether or not everything could fail.

Who the villain is?

At this point, we can speak about the concept of who the villain is?

This fearless army is the villain.

They are the bad ones, the criminal… But we are going to support them. Why?

Let me make you the same question that floated in the series for a bit:

In a football match between Brazil and Cameroon who you support?

If your answer is Cameroon than you got the point.

This is a proper example of an amazing and well-done script with an awesome emotional structure. Every character has his own and different emotional feature and they write really really well.

The last thing is the Bella ciao song, really important for the Italy of WW2 anti-fascist resistance and used as main glue for the series, a resistance song for a resistance heist.

In fact, this is the main plot: An action for the oppressed people, a group of Robin Hood that wants a bit of justice.

But in the end, we have just to realize that La casa de Papel became a cult in less than a year so this should mean something in the evaluation of the show…


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