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Mice and men – Universe 25 and the end of humanity

There is this experiment, a horrible and rude experiment about the total transformation of a social paradise into a terrifying dystopia also called the behavioral sink, is called the universe 25.

Between 1958 and 1972, the ethologist John Calhoun make this astonishing (sorry maybe this is not a respectful word but is comprehensive) opera. He did this:

Eight mice are settled in a box, a big comfortable box with the amazing gift of endless food.

You can suppose that can be a sort of mice lover way to spoil animals and… …Not, it isn’t.

The mice started to eat and breed and eat and breed and eat and.

We understand. The food is always endless and the mice are happier. At least until they don’t go through an awful overpopulation and here happen the magic.

The population had a suggestive subdivision.

Part of them had the ability to get a higher space in the box they became “the beautiful ones” a sort of aristocratic area of mice that passed all the time to groom themselves.

There was even the creation of an elite of guardians that acted like police with the duty to defend this more precious individual from the hell below where the massive “others” was literally having a space war.

Male that rape females, mothers that had to repels their own child (I guess they just didn’t recognize them), violence, cannibalism and the worse stuff we could even imagine.

But wait didn’t we told that they had endless food? Yeah we did and we are still at that point but with the overpopulation that is actually useless for many reasons:
1 – At once they had to fight for their personal space rather than hunt for food
2 – The newborns were born in that overcrowded environment so they just learn how to survive in that nightmare.

But let’s arrive at the conclusion of the experiment and the post.

The others lose every chance to reproduce in a normal environment and they lost as well the knowledge of social structure as the used to know for instinct so they basically get extinct.

The beautiful ones don’t give a fuck about sex and breeding because passing all the time to grooming involves again the total annihilation of social structures and then even the aristocracy get extinct.

At the end of the story 8 individuals with infinite resources passed from the overpopulation to the total extinction.

What if we change the word mice with humans? This is the worse part of the universe 25 experiment


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