Minecraft, videogames and art

I know that this is not a gaming blog but I think that this post is forced because I’m hearing so often about people who waste bad words on stuff they don’t know or understand, and Minecraft is one of those.

Can video games be considered arts?

Like everything, the right answer is: depends. We must give a definition of art and the best concept we can do is everything that grows emotions in another person.

 I think that this is the most honest definition we can give of that.

Now. There are obviously video games that are just a stupid mess of people that kill them self and for any of this.

I can say that few are really able to catch your spirit.

I think that people love and play some important title only… Because they are important titles.

Furthermore, there is some product that is able to improve your skills and somehow teach you something.

Because yes, even video games can teach something if they want.

There are games like Civilization that teach you the possibility to reach a goal even without war but simply increasing the progress.

There are games like Hitman, or Splinter cell that offer you a lot and a lot of different ways to solve your task.

These keep you involved in the solution of the ambient around you that is quite better than simply shoot and randomly killing everyone around you.

And in the end, there is Minecraft. I even think that this can be considered more than a video game.

Can Minecraft be considered art?

Minecraft is a good idea, actually a wonderful idea.

It digitized the concept of Lego bricks and with the low starter budget, you have a game that is constantly evolving.

Minecraft accompanies the child into a constructive and not destructive challenge.

It helps the adult to spend some time in an absolute external world when he can build his own world and temporary escaping from the world.

And all of this creating astonishing structures and never-ending worlds…

It is for all the ages and tastes and I want to say to all of the people that say that is a game for idiots that this brand sold more copies than all of the most famous game saga together.

And this is even more astonishing if you think that is born as independent stuff and became a cult in few.


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