Sci-fi and the misconception of hostile machines

I don’t know why everyone supposes that machines have this will to conquer mankind and transform the planet in an awful iron desert.

Yes! If you code a robot to kill the people well! Shame on you.
But if we leave such creature to learn and to create their own consciousness why on the Earth they should extinguish us?

I mean they don’t have to do much of the stuff that we do… I’m even sure that if we leave the planet to clever machines they could treat that better than we do. And this why they don’t feel such feelings like hate, needs to fight, love. They don’t fight because they don’t need to create borders. They just operate by logic.

I want even to destroy the concept of a powerful and indestructible robot done like us, with legs, arms, hidden weapon and a skull… Why they should be built with the unimaginable complexity of structures they don’t need?

We always think that different forms of life should be in contrast because most of us don’t believe in the equilibrium.

I think that a possible AI could teach us stuff that we can’t even imagine. I’m sure that that could think in a totally different way.

In the case of complex intelligence, we could even avoid to set it with the Asimov’s laws because they can surely understand that from themselves but of course, we must teach them but I’m sure that we can live with them and not to fear them.

Actually, we use machines for jobs we can’t accomplish ourselves like space explorations, ocean explorations, high precision duties and much more and until we are good people we set them with the proverbials and Asimovian three laws of robotics

Yeah.I’m not crazy, I know that these laws are useless because we code a machine for being safe for us, for doing what we need it to do and for having a sort of protection of itself but we love sci-fi so #Asmimovforpresident.

I’m furthermore awake that if they start to build a sort of strange and even basilar sort of consciousness, we should start to think on them like sentients but lets this to the future because actually, we don’t even know if this is possible…


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