Social media and communication

This morning I realized that I’ve got this phone number for five years now and still, I don’t know it by memory. 

This is absolutely strange if you consider that I learned every single number I use by memory in a couple of weeks and till now I still remember the first number I had when I was 13.

After hours of pondering I can give a valid point, this last number came a few months after my first smartphone and this was the cornerstone because a smartphone means a portable internet connection, portable Facebook, Twitter, and email, and of course whatsapp so better connection with the world. 

Once this is achieved, once better technology is available to more people social media becomes the turning point of communication.

I want to be honest, if I have to weigh the number of times I called or been called by phone and the times I get important messages (even job-related) via Facebook or even mail well, let’s say that the phone calls are not even able to move the scale a bit.

Once I realized how social media changed my own way of communication, it is not difficult to understand how they will change everybody in the near future.

I’m not sure and I’ll not like if sim cards will stop to be a thing because we still need a personal space, a way of communicating that we can decide or not share with others but this will still remain small in the relation of the number of people we can reach with social media.


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