Supernatural – The story of an amazing writer

I just finished my rewatching of Supernatural while waiting for the hopefully last season and I get to an important conclusion: God is a douchebag!

No. Yes, it is at the end of season 14 but thins is not the most important realization.

Way back in season 4 we get introduced to Chuck, this strange guy who we discovered is a prophet of the lord. He was indeed writing not less than Supernatural, the gospel of Winchesters.

This can sound meaningless through the whole series being him a prophet but, among them, he was the only one who actually wrote properly about the characters of the saga.

Years later, we discover that he is not less than God itself, the creator, the higher mind of the great project and so on.

So design is emerging at this point: A writer is the God of the saga we are following with love.

Then he went away with his hottie sister and we haven’t seen him till the very end of season 14 and here things get spicy.

We discover that he likes to write and follow up on his creations, stories that somehow came to have a life themself, we discover as well that sometimes when he gets bored he left the whole world to their own destinies.

At this point, I started to love the episode even when he acted as the final and greater deus ex machina in history. He just made up a weapon, the most powerful weapon of all times and he just said: “I just made that sucker”.

That’s the story of a writer who is bringing his very own story at the point of escalating just because he wants to see how the characters he created are good enough to handle an amazing ending.

But we are not finished yet.

At the end of the episode, he gets pissed and he simply left liberating the definitive apocalypse and that’s will be the end, the real end of the saga.

We waited all those years for meeting God in all his glory and this made the road for the final construction:

Supernatural is the representation of a novel where the writer puts its own soul and heart in order to create something amazing.

Eventually, he created life from thin air and not because he is God but because he is an all-award winning writer and (here is coming the climax of the post) is characters are so perfect.

Their life was so well driven that they were even able to ask their own auto-determination at the point that when the writer left the story in his absolute and final act, the plot itself is able to continue through its own ending, the only ending.

And this is the story of a 13 years old story where everything was made up, even characters who, according to their own lore, should be most powerful than God himself.


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