The best list of Scottish characters in television.

The cinema is full of Scottish characters that everybody loves, the main problem is that not all of them are really Scotts.

For example, Brave Heart is a good movie but the main protagonist isn’t played by a Scotts, so it raised some malcontent between Scottish people, and I can add that this is right.

So, this post will list only Scottish characters played by Scottish actors.

For being clear: who won’t be here?

Groundskeeper Willie because even the original voice is American
The Mel Gibson William Wallace for obvious reasons
The Chris Pine Robert the Bruce
Obi One Kenobi because the actor is Scottish but not the character
Montgomery Scott because the original actor is Canadian and the second one is English

So here we are with a full Scottish list:

Scrooge McDuck / David Tennant

In the 2017 Disney DuckTales, the most famous greedy duck of all times gets the voice of 10th Doctor David Tennant.

Cho Chang / Katie Leung

This is a grey area because the nationality for Cho Chang was never told in the books, the actress is Scottish and has the accent so we assume from there that Cho came from the deep north.

And here lay a question: Did she need to go down in London to take the Hogwarts Express?

Such a pain in the ass!!!

Amy Pond / Karen Gillan

Amy Pond, she started traveling with the Mad man in the phone box and she finished serving the Mad Titan in the MCU!

And yes I know that even David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, and Michelle Gomez are Scottish… But the time lords are not Scottish-ish. They kinda asked independence from their own planet and the Tardis is blue with some white but still…

I’m not totally convinced, maybe we can put them as well in here?

Dr. Carson Beckett / Paul McGillion

Stargate is so far my favorite sci-fi franchise of all time and a few weeks ago I had a second round after years and years.

Due I moved to Scotland only 3 years ago-ish, I never knew how the Scottish accent was (Spoiler: Is so far my second favourite accent).

I never even though about the nationality of each character but, this time, during the first episode I heard the accent and I smiled… Yes was Scottish so I decided to do this post.

But coming back on Carson Beckett:

He sent the Scottish flag in another Galaxy… Do I need to say anything else?

James Bond / Sean Connery

007 is probably the most famous secret agent of all times and actually, only his first appearance on the screen was loyal on the duality character/actor.

Desmond Hume / Henry Ian Cusick

Lost is one of the most loved show just before Game of Thrones.

Even if the last episode left us with a lot of questions and a bit of headache (Just like GoT), the show had a massive group of characters and here we have a Glasgownian man that was sailing toward Australia and finished on that damn island.

There is even a little piece of trivia that increase the connection with Scotland.

The character is based on David Hume a Scottish enlightenment philosopher lived during the 18th century.

Chiv / Jamie Sives

Mean Machine is the best football movie I’ve never seen in my life and Chiv isn’t even a main character but he can do his work.

A bawbag on the field and a Scotts in the rest of the movie.
[The automatic corrector doesn’t know the word Bawbag]

Ygritte / Rose Leslie

None of us was happy at the end of GoT, we can’t disagree that the first 7 seasons… Ok, the first 6 seasons were amazing.

In all of this, 9 Scottish characters filled the show.

Four of them: Richard Madden, Ron Donachie, John Stahl and Jamie Sives (Yes the same guy before Ygritte); are strictly related with a northern city of Winterfell, the same one that fought for independence.

James Cosmo was even norther as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, but still not enough…

But only one in the list was beyond a wall in a place with eternal ices and an independence desire.

She was Ygritte. The naked woman who scared John Snow!

This is even better explained if you consider that ASOIAF is based on a real story printed on a massive alternative UK map.

So yes… The free folks are way more Scottish than others.

David Budd / Richard Madden

Richard Madden eventually got is solo appearance in this list even do is just a personal assumption that the character of the BBC drama “The Bodyguard” would be Scottish as is never mentioned the accent is strong, the actor is strong so let’s fill in the post?

Can we?… Can we???


If you are interested in why native actors should play a character you can read:
Whitewashing and problems related

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  1. Graham Strowes says:

    The actress playing Cho Chang, Katie Leung, is from Motherwell, which is in the Central Belt of Scotland (just down the road from my parents place). Not the “Deep North”

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