The man who lost a pitch tear for a cup of tea

There are a bunch of astonishing experiments actually running around the globe that are comprehensive and proverbials small steps for men but giant leaps for humanity and the pitch drop is one of these.

Is the longer and actual running experiment in the world. Is the dropping of pitch tears through a dimensioned funnel at the University of Queensland in Australia.

But whats happen here? Pitch is liquid, at room temperature. Is really really viscous, but liquid.

While viscosity is how a liquid resists flowing, the pitch is 230 billion times more viscous than water. For you to understand how much it is, imagine that honey is 10 thousand more viscous than water so you can imagine how slow a drop of pitch can be.

But because imagination is not how science work… I’ll tell you that we have almost a drop every 10 years roughly.

Now! Imagine being the man who started the experiment. John Mainstone for example… After 9 years since the last drop, the tear is almost gone. Is out of the funnel… But you are British and is five o’clock… Tea time. Tea is calling, and you go to take a cup. Just a few minutes will not make any difference. Or so we think.

You come back and… Well! You’ll hate tea for the rest of your life. The drop is gone buu!!!

The only consolation is that till now, in all of the nine occasions, any human had the honour to be there at the right time but you know… This is the curse of time, the immensity of time that joke with us…

If you want to pass your days trying to spoil the next tear, you can follow the live experiment. I think it will be the longer live in science history but don’t run due last in 2014 so you’ll have a long time to follow it.


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