The real story of Halloween, trick or treet

I bet that none all the people know the story of a religious celebration that is older than most religions on Earth.

Pretty all the stuff we celebrate today had an origin so old and unknown that even their real stories are concealed between myth, legend, and reality (not always, well! Probably never).

Let’s start with the origin of his most famous symbol… Jack o’Lantern:

The story:

Once upon a time in Ireland, a drunkard man called Stingy Jack was walking around his city until he met the devil.

It was here for taking the soul of the man but this, eventually, was more clever than the dark lord itself.

He asked him to became a coin for pay the last drink and Satana accepted only to find space in a wallet, close to a cross he had with him.

Then they did an agreement, for ten years, Stingy could walk on Earth without fearing death.

But then the time passed and the devil knocked again to his door.

The clever man asked him to climb a tree to pick an apple, then he carves a cross on the bark and the devil was trapped again.

At this time they did the definitive agreement, Stingy Jack could be sure that the hell will never ever got his soul. And yeah! Jack sinned for all his life.

He was sure that nothing bad could happen to his soul but then he died.

The heaven rejected him and so the hell did.

His only way was to walk on Earth for the eternity with coal that Satana gave him.

He carved a pumpkin and finally, he got his torch.

Directly from the Irish folklore, this is one of the versions of the legends around Halloween’s most famous symbol.

In some version he is a thief, in some, he carves a turnip but I think that the main topic is the legend itself.

I’m pretty sure that this is the first definition of Purgatory in history.

Now let’s see why hordes of children pass the night wandering around dressed like something then, surely in the last decades stopped to be pretty thematic and less than definitely not scaring.

Quite simply Celts believed that the new year (in their calendar) opened the world between mortals and death.

So everything could walk on Earth, demons as well, so the best way to protect yourself is to look like a demon.

Then, of course, the church arrived and All Hallows Eve came out, how to spoil a candy party.


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