The secret life of a plot

What have in common two totally unrelated events? The most reasonable answer is nothing but we can agree that everything is always related.

Writer block is the worse thing that can happen in the creation of a story because the fluidity of the world that is growing inside the blank word file is compromised, it can’t be finished.

Fortunately, a writer is an imaginative machine, able to have small hints from even the smaller seed of an idea, for my point of view is like typing sci-fi on google, going on images and then lots of ideas came along, unfortunately, though they are not the right kind of idea.

They gave me the boost for another totally unrelated branch of the story, is like if you need a robot to be in the right place at the right time in order to save a ship from a bomb placed in his rear engines and you can only think about him fighting an alien that infiltrated the cooling system of the ship.

There is no way that you can put these two moments in a mentally sane timeline even because the robot is investigating something that broke the hyperspace engines days before so the time is ticking and the events are just happening almost at the same time.

And likely this happens minutes after you saw an art concept that allows you to drastically change for the better the ship that you are carefully designing, is the dream of every worldbuilder.

But you know that is the most beautiful part of this gigantic mystery? Somehow the robot is following the alien and they are both going in the direction of the engines, and then when the atoms of the crappy fluid-like alien blob had just been redistributed around because the robot had just pushed it in a perilous place, it needs a way out from that cold place.

At this point, it carefully crawls out a conduit and there it meets the girls with which he needs to save the ship.

Is like a forest, you plant a seed that grows then you plant another seed and then they interconnect growing bigger than ever for the greater ending of a story that just needed the perfect harmony of two moments in time that may be always be meant to collide, is like a plot have its own life, I’d rather say even the result of a great intelligent designer that wanted it.

Or maybe is just a gigantic coincidence, who knows?

– ldmarchesi

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