The unrespectful death of Doctor Who

Once upon a time, in a mid-summer night, I discovered Doctor Who.

There was this skinny guy who tried to defeat the statue of an angel in a spaceship felt on a planet.

I was like: «What the hell is this?»
My cousin replied: «You don’t know Doctor Who?»
I promptly replied: «Nope»
He told me about this fifty years tv show and I liked… Pretty immediately

If you know the show you’ll surely understand the episode and the fact that my first time was with Matt Smith. I liked. Damn if it was a good character (I didn’t know Smith, at the time I didn’t know what else he did)

In the course of days, every evening I was discovering this magic guy in this box of not well understandable dimensions and the time came for search on the internet for the first episode… 1963 and most of the first seasons simply vaporized in a fire at BBC.

Good start I should say, but eventually, I saw the first episode… The worst experience of my life. It was too old and not the kind of entertainment for people in 2010.

But wait. The show was revived in 2005 after a movie that for the canon, it had only the Tardis and a guy who called himself “Doctor”

Let’s clear. Never judge a show from his first episode because you risk losing interest in Doctor Who. The visual effect of the first season was really, really bad… But damn. It was well written.

Nine, Rose and Jack was amazing (Sorry Mickey). Then David Tennant arrived with a bunch of companions that was simply perfected (Yes! You, Donna Noble), everything was perfect. The doctor here was gargantuan. Was an incredible gap from Eccleston.

Then Davies went away and Moffat took the guide with Matt Smith and here we reach the point where I started (really like a time traveler).

But here, everything started to fall into the disaster. Let’s clear, Matt Smith was astonishing, but not enough to be the successor of Tennant and this wasn’t even the main problem.

The doctor went from being a lovable and caring person, to be a conceited son of a b***h… …And this wasn’t even the main problem.

The rules you establish. This is the main f*****g problem. Because if you establish a set of rules, maybe not you, but who created the opera, you must follow those. I mean. If you establish that Bruce Wayne is in a desert. How can you expect him to reach a seized Gotham city?

If you establish that the first transformer arrived on Earth to help an idiot to destroy the origin of life itself. Why then you came out that Merlin met the transformers?

If you establish that your character will have thirteen regenerations, and in the 11th one farewell episode (that we knew being the 12th) and you start to explain how Tennant had a half regeneration that if effectively one in the 13, you must expect us to think on “who on the hell will Peter Capaldi be?”… Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Let’s open a breach in the sky and give to him a brand new set of lives. Other 13? Only God knows.

This is the main problem. And you know why this is a problem?

Every show, every character have an end. And soon, or late, Doctor Who will be a gold mine so empty that nobody will see the character anymore, surely not with the attention of now.

With that Smith farewell episodes, they had a clear chance to rest on laurels a character that in the good, did the history of sci-fi, a character that became an icon.

Now They literally hadn’t any chance to kill him because he is immortal.

They can give him infinite lives, so, the only thing that’ll kill him, will be the natural decay of interest of people for tv shows and this, well.

This is a damn inglorious death for the Doctor.


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