What happens if we are alone in the whole universe?

Even do the Miller-Urey experiment show us how “easy” the creation of the bricks of life is in the right environment, the possibility that the cells generate on a primordial Earth could be terrifyingly alone in the whole universe is somehow fascinating.

We could be so lonely that we could even be able to climb the famous Kardadashev scale from our own.

Of course, our planet won’t last forever and we already know that in a few billions of years life won’t be sustainable anymore on this planet.

But, if we start to explore and going to divide ourselves is possible that after a long time we can meet again.

Those colonies, after centuries, could be considered totally different species able to tell their own stories, myths and possible scientific discoveries than no other could do.

The possibility of other species:

In my opinion, this is not possible because I found it really impossible that in the totality and vastity of space any other planets offered the chance to arrive at our point and beyond but in case, they will be so far in the cosmo that they could even be considered inexistent.

If they are beyond the observable universe this means that where they are, the universe is so far from us that the expansion of the universe itself is faster than light so even with wish and determination, we will never be able to reach them.

This is in contrast with many science fiction universes where the cosmo is so vastly populated by human-like species that you can leave your planet, cross the universe, meet a species and somehow coming back home for dinner.

Space is empty and big, is so damn empty and big that, whatever you can see your sky filled with stars, letting it seems like full, those are so distant that the resources required for reach the closer one are gigantic.

Furthermore, science fiction lets us imagine that is easy to spot Earth in the universe. Carl Sagan himself wrote the book “Contact” where an alien species intercepts the first television signal strong enough to reach another system and being elaborate.

But in reality, Earth is not so easy to see. A way could be that some species could have an exoplanet research program and see in our Sun a good candidate for life and then, could see Earth as an amazing life full planet.

Beyond, it couldn’t see anything in our atmosphere that could let them see our impact on it because at their distance, what they will see right now will be something way before any industrial revolution that could impact the atmosphere in an artificial way.

Even Enrico Fermi postulated an equation that gives a scientific-ish hypothesis on why we haven’t met somebody yet and I think that is amazing because it covers every possibility on how a civilization can hide in the great scale of things.

This is a concept that I’d like science fiction will explore more in the upcoming time, the concept of humanity that creates his own steps depending or not of the possibility that we may be alone because our approach to the universe can be different and probably, or probably not, greater.

Quoting Nelson Mandela: “I’m the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”.


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