Whitewashing and problems related.

Whitewashing is one of the most thorny matter when we speak about casting in cinema (and beyond).

First of all: What whitewashing is?
It is the act of casting a white caucasian actor, for the role of a character that isn’t white Caucasian (or vice versa) like Scarlett Johansson of a Japanese character in Ghost in the shell, or Justin Chatwin as Goku in Dragonball Evolution.

Or a blonde blue eye beautiful Scandinavian dude as Jesus Christ in pretty much all the Christianity representations that nowadays we know…

The matter is simply this is wrong in his bigger conception for a bunch of reasons:
First of all, this obstructs huge numbers of good actors that above their ability, they could know better than us the culture that wants to represent and this can be the result of a better performance.

In the second place they are going to denaturalize the character, plenty of the times they totally ruin it, like Kira in the Netflix Death note.

Third, it causes a denaturalization of the environment. Let’s explain. Whitewashing is a general name for a bigger concept.

Even if you take a Male actor for a female character and vice versa, or you took a slim guy for a fatty character you are going to reduce the realism of the opera that is one of the main problems of the modern cinema.

At the last point, this is one of the main reason for the falling of the cinema nowadays.

This is part of the actual momentum of mining a gold mine until this is not totally exhausted. Taking an eastern cult and ruin it with a western touch.

The only really small pro about it is that this help an actor to go beyond is own capacities and test himself but is really a small matter.

Summing. This is a pure act of racism and I want to challenge everyone to tell the opposite.


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