Why does Avatar need to win the box office war?

Avengers Endgame was the most awaited movie ever and, in the time it went in theaters, it overcame 2 billion dollars at the box office.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t even close to the 2.7 billion that, a decade ago the James Cameron Avatar was, at the time, when the MCU was already born but still a small fish, the greater movie ever.

Now, the end of the Marvel era, let us orphan of a gigantic story but, beyond this, I want to share my support on Avatar because it has to be on the top, certainly not forever, but long enough for leaving the trophy to a movie that really deserves it.

Now, before you kill me want to explain and not that I loved Endgame:

Endgame was a great move, not great as Infinity war that I think is bigger, but it was a good and epic conclusion to the MCU saga.

Unfortunately, the MCU in his totality isn’t a great story.

When I went to see Infinity war over a year ago, I was there just to see the next installment in the saga, the waiting wasn’t so massive, was the end to the movie that gave me this gigantic will to see Endgame.

And this is the common thought of all the people who were bored from all those superhero craps, I want to challenge everybody in the admittance that all the MCU movies were amazing.

Now let’s speak about Avatar.

The story wasn’t the best ever, even do, it was already seen but the quality of the movie was another planet.

At the time, its technology was superior to any other movie ever made and it was the first well done 3D movie in history.

Avatar was a pioneer, was the vanguard of cinema and, in some way changed our vision about it.

Any other movie failed in his try to replicate his 3D amaze… Even the MCU.

Whit this in mind, you will understand why I think that we have to wait in order to see a movie that will deserve to defeat Avatar because actually, it is inevitable.


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