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Are books and blogs so different?

The other day I was listening for an audiobook and, at once, I hear something that gave me the deep desire to interact with the author in that exact moment.

It was the onset for a tete-a-tete joke.

I definitely said something like «Come on, why can’t I tell you my joke?». It was kind sad moment but is finished when he says what I was thinking… Almost. I’m digressing sorry.

I passed a few hours to think about how could be better if possible, to interact with the author of a book step by step during the reading of the opera.

It was relatively possible with Andy Weir because he published the chapters of his novel on his blog for peer reviewing but that was a book as well.

And then I thought. Wait, such a thing already exists. Is not the same thing, but it gets close enough.

Which is the media that allow you to discuss with a person about his idea?

Well! The best answer actually is a blog. Now, in the last decade, you can do as well with youtube, with vlogs (video blogs).

Are we saying that books and blogs are the same things?

Well! Yes and no.

No, because they are deeply different. Ones tell a story in a (we always hope) linear and understandable way. There is a beginning, something in the middle and an end.

A blog in the other hand is a list of different thoughts that the curator post periodically.

Imagine now about a person that do both a blog and a book. It tells the same story but in both ways.

Well! In many cases happens.

A book is filled with the thoughts of the writer and the blog as well so is possible that a story, even if is fantastic or basilar or sad or anything, contains the heart and soul of who wrote it. In a blog, you do it in a surely most direct and less concealed way.

In a blog, you do it in a surely most direct and less concealed way.

So here we are. We have the change to interact directly with an author, with someone that has something to say and can give and get almost immediate feedback.

I’m not saying that blogs should replace a book, I won’t dare at all. This was just a personal thought so please people, go ahead and don’t dare stop writing books or curate blogs.


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4 thoughts on “Are books and blogs so different?”

  1. I find reading books quite hard. But I could read posts all day. It’s probably because in school I was forced to read and it has had a negative effect.

    What would you call a book blog post? A blook? Boog? Bloog?

    1. Probably the school effect had his own contribution but I think that a factor is the natural evolution of things.
      The internet is now so deeply inside our life that is easier to find an interesting blog post than reading a whole book.

      I think that in your 3 options Blook is the best :3

  2. at school it was hard to just enjoy a book at its simple level, you had to analyse it and look what your teacher thought was the deeper meaning.
    Blog posts are like poems, short, sweet and stand alone well.
    I like blook as well.

    1. Yes, I know. I’m Italian and forced to read the whole divine comedy… Is something I won’t punish my worse enemy with.
      But when I finished school I enjoy read some of it (Only the hell)

      Reading is so much good if you are not forced.

      Furthermore, when I started blogging people told me that a blog needs a niche and long posts. I don’t believe them 🙂

      I’m pushing myself through ebooks do!!!

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