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How the voice typing software changed my life!

I recently discovered that writing programs have voice typing in it and that is possible with your voice to write them.
Since I discovered I’m abusing it and I have to say that it changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine before.
There are three main ways in which diesel software helping me:

Improving English

First of all, it helps me with my English.
One of the most important ways to learn a new language is to speak it.
Unfortunately, there isn’t always a way to speak with somebody so you’ll have to speak with yourself.
Dictating your words to a computer in order to write a blog post or a novel or anything you need to write it gives your speech a purpose.
In addition, the voice typing software requires good pronunciation so you have to constantly improve it in order to type a document that is the most possible correct.

Fight my stammering

In the second place, it helped me with my stammering which is something that is part of me for a lot of time.
The fact of constantly having to speak out what I have to write it helps me fight it.
Unfortunately, this program doesn’t understand stammering speeches so the fact that you have to really improve your speaking is the only way for the software to work


Writing speed

In the last place, there is maybe the most important of all the points for a writer.
The speed of writing is the bone of contention of writing forever.
Writers always look for a way to finish the novels ASAP, we started with feathers and ink than we discovered typing machines, pens, computers and every time it was the future.
Now, this is what we should use to create.
You can type thousands of words in a matter of minutes with this method.
This brings to another point the fact that you can literally dictate from everywhere, today a phone is enough so you can do it from the gym, while you walk in the city or in nature.

Unfortunately, this software is not actually perfect in fact this post was totally dated but at the end, I had to do big work of correction Notts total of course but still, it will need improvement however while we are waiting the moment in future where the software will directly take thoughts out of our mind and transform them into novels or even movies, we have to arrange with what we have now.

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