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I giving up Facebook for Twitter and here is why

It was 2008 and, during a vacation, a friend of mine told me “Why you don’t give a try to Facebook?”

I had to admit that my first response was: “What the f**k is Facebook?”

Before that, we had MSN that was the closest thing to a social network that we had even though the word social network was not even around.

So the day after I get a try to this new thing and it was addicting since the very beginning, I started to get lots of friend requests from all my friends, it was becoming a good adventure and eventually, it became addictive.

Then Twitter arrived and the best description we had for it was: Is like Facebook but worse.

The difference was tangible, it had a limited amount of characters so it was impossible to write all the poems that we write on Facebook.

But eventually, all the differences started to grow, plus a lot of young people really prefer it.

Now, there is a main difference between the two socials, Facebook is for connecting people and Twitter is instead a sharing idea platform.

Furthermore is easier to connect with people on Twitter, if you need to grow your contact list for any reason, it is way better on Twitter.

The only thing that can be may or may not considered worse than Facebook is that high visibility can be a double sharp edge sword but this only if you feel to have dirty consciousness about what you are trying to say.

I believe even that a contained amount of characters can lead to an improvement in the ideas that you want to share after all a concept has to be as long as it has to be not longer and not shorter.

It was indeed a good adventure where a few months ago I started to post on Twitter regularly, way more than I use to do on Facebook, I got really more interactions (in relation to the number of followers that I have of course).


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