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Limits we shall not cross and the ethics of progress

A few days ago I was watching Fringe again and, at a certain point, Walter was going in another world trying to save his child and I thought: There are limits we shall not cross?.

His assistant, a Catholic lady, started to speak about limits that should be impassable.

C’mon… Another world? Is this the limit of God?

Do actually exist limits we shall not cross?
In the name of progress and freedom, I hope no!

The is for sure a limitations in human knowledge, there are physical limits we can’t pass over. But when the time will come shall we set an insuperable sign?

In Italy, there is this doctor that want to do head transplantation. Should we tell him no! You can’t.

People are working on immortality, space exploration, time exploration, mind exploration…

Generally, we need to believe in normality and we must think that humanity can be somehow preserved.

I’m either agree and disagree with this concept. It is true that at some point the concept of humanity could be questioned but is even true that maybe, at some point, we should leave the humanity behind for start a journey in a different concept of consciousness.

All the concept of the physics, nature, and reality as we know today teach us that everything is evolving, everything is mutable and maybe the humanity is (maybe soon we could say was) only the first step of our evolution

After all, we know that life, as we know is only a small part of reality.

But summing, I’m aware that giving limits should surely mean stop the progress and consequently, our humanity, everything that keep our mind in motion…

Now there is even another piece on our chessboard: Limits should be constructed around what’s natural… But if even exist the possibility to destroy a barrierĀ of any sort, this means that we are already speaking of nature due this stuff exist and we can touch it.

Most of the people use to define unnatural what they don’t pretty understand or don’t fill into their aura, but that exist well! Exist.

So! Do exist impassable limits? Not really!


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