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Maus – The greatest story about holocaust ever written

In a few days will be the Holocaust memorial day and I don’t need to introduce what this is.

Beyond, a few days ago, I found this graphic novel. My first one actually.

The premise is good: The son of an Auschwitz survivor, passed years collecting his dad’s memories in order to give to the world a compelling anthology about what really happened in that dark period.

The result is a heartbreaking masterpiece, it will enter within the walls of hell itself.

Jewish are mice, Polish are pigs, Americans are dogs, Nazis are cats and the never appeared Israeli Jewish could be porcupines.

At the end of this opera, we are going to understand how easy it can be for us to be unable to really understand what happened back there.

How can we imagine how it is to live in a world where you have to give away friends and relatives in order to survive another day?

How can we imagine how it is to live in a world where one day you have everything and the day after you are a prisoner?

Is it so hard to believe that those things still happen today?

But why this book is so amazing?

Maus has two different timelines

There is the relationship between the Autor and his dad in order to gain as much information as possible, and there is the father himself that tells the story.

You are able in this way to know how life is really drastically changed before the deportation and, after decades, how this affected the life of the survivors.

The part that most melted my heart is when the father, have to do a leap of faith giving his trust to other Jewish and, after this, he gets deported with his wife because they betrayed him

Even if, this was about Jewish, Nazis and WWII, I can’t believe that this is so far from what happens now in places like North Korea or China or Gaza or any place where human rights are canceled.

My literature and history teacher used to say this sentence: “History is a good teacher, but doesn’t have scholars” So true!


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