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Obscurials in the mankind – The artistic death

Obscurials are one of the worse things that a wizard can become in the Wizarding world

Even if I’m not the kind of fan who make theories and read all the books a hundred times, I loved every single Harry Potter movie and even Fantastic Beasts.

Is impossible to don’t like the way in which a woman converted all her frustration, all her sadness in an unforgettable opera.

But I guess that this is the main concept of art: Keeping out all your feelings and converting them into a passion.

In the last movie, we have known this new black creature, the result of the suppression of a gift. We can not use magic because the others will not understand.

Yes, the magic, our magic, our imagination, our passions, our skills and the possibility to show to all of us that we can do something of majestic.

They don’t understand. Not because they are not able to do something great.

Understand me, guys. I have total and unconditioned hope that everybody can be the smith of unimaginable. But they don’t understand and they will not.

But maybe we are wrong. Maybe this is the reality. Maybe none of us is special at the end and we are crazy to think that something of amazing can be forged in our brain.

So? So we must suppress that spark, we must kill that before someone could see us.

Is not a big matter because this dark creature can be buried inside us and never come out.

The real purpose of our life is to stay eight hours for days doing something we don’t give a fuck, because this is normal.

Yes! This is what happens nowadays and this dark force is inside all of us.

And for our humanity’s sake, we must find the courage to free this indomitable force into the world.

Don’t worry will not destroy the planet like in the movie but will surely change our world and society, almost like a good idea.

The main moral of this post is to find the courage to convert your passions and skills into something amazing… Exactly like aunt Joanne did. Or maybe, mentioning Inception:

«Do you want to take a leap of faith or become an old man filled with regret waiting to die alone?»

I’m not the person that has the right to read in her mind and pretty sure she didn’t mean this when she created the obscurials but, like in every art piece, there is a high variety of reading keys and damn… This is one.


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