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Seagulls: The winged menace that defeat insanity

Do you remember when the villain in Far Cry 3 gave the definition of insanity and it became the best villain after Thanos? Forget it because it was Einstein who initially gave that definition: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

This sentence is absolute gold and it sums the way humans relate with their own lives.

Now I’m sure you are wondering why I’m telling you this if the post speaks about seagulls, have a little patience.

I live in a small Scottish city called Kirkcaldy and here Seagulls are a massive problem in the summer because generally they just try to steal your food but when they nest they are an absolute nightmare and you have to look for alternative routes if you want to continue to have a life without your heart being continuously challenged.

Fortunately, in the last days, I got to think and I came to a sudden realization that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or because we are just speaking about annoying birds we can say that not all the bad comes to hurt you.

This experience gets me a new way to see the wee city where I live.

These demoniac animals forced me to change my routine and find alternative routes to make my things and since I work in the same place for almost three years and always took the same road, this was a fresh coming.

And only now that I find peace with them and find this reunion with nature, the nesting time is finished and they are not pissing me anymore and, since I’m a lazy c**t I’ll immediately start to take my usual routine again and I have to wait another year to see if I can cooperate again with them but till then I think I’ll come back to my usual and shorter route to work.


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