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Short posts and how the blogosphere needs them

In order to let you understand the deep meaning of this post, I’ll steal the beginning of another post, from another blog, being this titled: The captivating power of amazing short blog posts.

Legend has it that Hemingway, while being at a bar with friends, bet everyone at the table 10 Dollars that he would be able to craft a complete and compelling storyline in 6 words. Once the money was on the table, he took a napkin and wrote:

“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn”

Then he collected his winnings

Now! I’m not totally sure how this story can be considered compelling but honestly, I don’t understand anything about art.

I could even tell you about one of the most famous Italian poems from Giuseppe Ungaretti, is called Mattina (Morning) and in his whole extension says: “M’illumino di immenso” that roughly translated is: “I’m enlighted with immense”

But because we are running away from the topic let’s jump on it again.

If you ask everyone that is brainwashed with SEO they will tell you that only long posts are necessary to build an audience and grow your blog.

I tell you instead that even do SEO require longness, I really believe that in order to be captivating a post must be as long as it should be.

If, while writing your post, you feel you can write a novel instead, do it. But if your idea is even a few hundred words long or less, just don’t force the hand and the juice of your thought will capture the right audience.

Remember that is not important how big is the hammer but how you beat the nail. Just let me know if I should avoid this last sentence.


An example of short posts based blog:
The Seth’s blog – Curated by Seth Godin

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