The antechamber of the oneironaut #1 – Chess & Fights

Dreaming is a fundamental part of human existence, it avoids your absolute madness but dreams can be crazy occasionally.

Sometimes I notice that some of them follow the same path, I’m not talking about one being the sequel of the previous one but the structure is similar plenty of time and it works almost like this:

There is the beginning of the dream where all the characters do their stuff and me with them but it is not the final plot of the dream, they are totally disconnected events.

Then there is the second act where the characters start to position themself where they have to be for the final act.

I don’t wanna lie, is exactly like moving pieces in a chessboard for a chess mate.

The scary thing is that it is not a subtle metaphor for a long movie where clues are disseminated along with the plot, you can literally see the dream characters that reach their final spots like the assault on the proverbial Final fight.

Then is the final act when, like a lightning strike from a clear sky, all the pieces are where they have to be and the attack begins, but not so fast because the dream is ended.

There are generally three different emotions generally, there is the tranquillity at the beginning where everything is playing nice, there is the anxiety in the second act where you know that something is gonna happen but you don’t know what and then the fear where the strike began.

Unfortunately, I never got a happy ending, just always woken up when the barbaric horde buries me under their swipes.

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