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The backpacker laws – The Murphy’s laws of travelers

The backpacker laws is a big traveling project about experiences.

When in the same sentence there are rusks and cats is easy to think about the perpetual motion that rewrote the physics. The buttered cat engine of Murphy & Co.

However, sometimes we can find these unlucky catastrophic structures even in fields that are not strictly connected with daily life.

I think is possible to adapt this kind of structure to the travels.

These laws will be based on personal experiences of me and you that have the courage and the time to follow this madness.

Whoever had some kind of strange experience can contact me to organize this amazing document and everything will be published on here.

This will be the final deposit for travel experiences processed in a funny way and together we can create something amazing.

Law 1: [Well know as the law of the safe shelter] – May 5th, 2015
If you are sheltered and the weather is uncertain but you can choose to stay there or just pick up the tent (that is quite better for a backpacker) you can be sure that, if you choose to move, the uncertainty of the weather will drive to the worse.

Axiom 1: [Marshmallows and fire] – August 6th, 2017
– A man with beers in a fire spot will be the center of the evening.
– A man with marshmallows in a fire spot will be a god.

Law 2: [Weather in the UK] – September 5th, 2017
When there is clean weather it couldn’t rain. But the UK doesn’t know this so it rains anyway

Law 3: [The 1st Schrödinger-ish cat law of space] – February 24th, 2019
In a house with at least a cat and a suitcase (even with more boxes around), the cat will entirely fill the space in the luggage.

Good luck with your travel.


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