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The egg – A Weir(d) concept of God and existence

Andy Weir is one of my favorite writers. With his best selling book: The Martian, he set a funny and incontrovertible milestone in hard science fiction.

Furthermore, before that book, he was famous for short stories mostly, and one of them, one above them, catch the attention of fans: The egg.

This is a reinvented concept of God and existence.

A bit of the plot:

Imagine being the reincarnation of every person on Earth and in history.

When you die, God, a creature who is trying to train you to be like herself, send you in another body in the past or future.

And, in the course of your adventure, life after life, you’ll impersonate every single person in history, until the great lighting, when you will understand your place in the universe.


Obviously, nobody knows what will happen after the last step. Eternal life? Dark oblivion? Seven virgins? Your favorite team wins the champions league forever and ever? We don’t know.

What we know is that in history, a lot of people had done hypothesis and sold truths. Or even worse: Sold hypothesis as truths. But this egg could be not less than one of these uncountable theories.

After all, it the theory of the multiverse is true, we can assume that probably, in the vast quantity of realities, something like this could happen.


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