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What happened to Monday? A dystopian movie

Dystopian movies are amazing because they let you understand in a good level actual and important problems

When the movie started I just supposed was a copy of Equilibrium and I supposed that this could be amazing stuff because that, was an amazing movie.

Well. Yes. The plot is pretty similar and is a good and lovable movie.

«What happens to one of you, happens to all of you»

In a not really far future, due to overpopulation, the government establishes an only child law that will have a 0 tolerance policy for siblings.

In a family, there are 7 identical sisters who will pass their youth pretending to be the same person. Unless till…

Noomi Rapace and Willem Dafoe are the stars of this really good movie.

This is another of the long list of a sci-fi movie that is going to create their plot around really common and actual problems… And guess what.

You can think I’m a bad person but if somehow someone should speak about this law, in reality, I’ll really guess I’ll going to approve that.

Well, maybe not really so strictly and not in this kind of Nazi world even because, in the end, you will discover the real purpose of the C.A.B. But we can be sure that this is a pretty important problem nowadays.

It is amazing even the way as the father played by Dafoe used all these powers to protect his daughters in a way that is pretty difficult and sometimes hard but necessary.

It takes important lights even on the relationship between the sisters and it is heartbreaking every time that something bad happens.

Another thing I really liked was the reaction of the villain when defeated. She doesn’t act like every other villain who starts to threaten about revenge but she just has a human reaction.

On the other side, there is the villain assistant that exudes stereotypes but we can accept at the end of the movie

What I don’t like #SPOILERS# is the insane and complex way they use for killing the siblings #SPOILERS end# I don’t know why they always must to build complicated system almost like a Goldberg machine.

So now you just go and watch the movie… Enjoy.


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